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My Trikebot


This type of 'bot is ubiquitary on the 'net. I didn't add anything original, how should I? Or why? :) I'm using modified servos (take a look at the pages of the Seattle Robotics Society if You don't know what I'm talking about).

[top side]

This 'bot has the first beginnings of "interaction": it "reacts" on crashing into something ;). This really elaborate behaviour is done by two Cherry type switches under the front bumper. Hitting something with just one end of the bumper will make the 'bot back up and turn it's rear to the same side, thus trying to evade the obstacle. After a few moments it starts going forward again. Hitting an obstacle with both switches simultaneously (yes, it does happen!) will make it go backwards straight. And keep on bouncing forever :)

[bottom side]

The wheels are made of a sort of soft rubber: a very good traction is the result. Apart from that it's my usual "alu chassis & Atmel design".

[cherry type switch]

These are my bumper switches in a close-up. This design is by no means comparable to Marvin Green's Stuff but it still works allright. The next step will be a design with IR sensors: I've got some SFH506 (receiver / demodulator devices) from Siemens "on stock" already ...

[GIF of the trike]

An "animated GIF" (1.4Mb) starring the TrikeBot. Sorry about the poor quality.