About 15 to 20.000 years ago dogs were domesticated, presumably this happened somewhere in asia. Contrary to my own romantic believes it is well possible that in the beginning dogs were just a handy kind of meat supply.

Personally, I prefer the theory that dogs were not domesticated at all but rather, they domesticated us.

Why they should do so somehow eludes me but it fits the obvious facts much more easily :)

As I am well domesticated I have made a homepage not just for myself but for my masters as well :)


By the way. The picture above is a study of a dog in chalk by Leonardo Da Vinci and was reshaped by me just a tiny bit to suit the picture format. Leonardo may forgive me ;)


Leonardo Da Vinci - Dog


>> Cry 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war <<

(from: "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare)