Hylidae & Others



Right from the beginning, Hyla - tree frog -  was my Nom De Guerre in the internet.

Main reason was that at that time I kept a few frogs and toads at home. I stopped it because they kept dying on me and I felt they were better off without me ;)

They are indeed beautiful animals and it's great fun watching them. During mating season my tiny Carolina tree frog occasionally croaked when there were sounds that reminded him of other frogs. At times that could be the high heels of some passer-by, clicking away under my window :) .

There are some pictures of them on this page ...

But ...

I've got nothing to do with young lawyers from Texas (H.Y.L.A. - Houston Young Lawyers Association).

I'm not a Singalese architect (Hyla Architects).

I'm not into cleaning systems (Hyla cleaning system).

And I have definitely nothing to do with web site development (Hyla media). As You can clearly see :)



>> You would not believe some of the things about frogs <<

(from: "Life, the Universe and Everything" by Douglas Adams)