When our Shetland Sheepdog Sam died and we decided to get another dog we faced a problem: Sam had been a "kingsize sheltie" with a shoulder height of more than 50cm. Now we wanted our new dog to be at least his size. On the other hand we liked the "look and feel" of shelties.

So we got ourselves a collie:

Dylan Of Locksley Castle was born on 09/09/09 in Luckaitztal, Germany.

My family wanted to give him another name but I got no satisfying suggestions. Besides, I am a great Bob Dylan Fan and I also like Dylan Thomas quite a lot. "Dylan" is of Welsh origin and means "son of the sea". Considering how much his father Icarus likes swimming it seems a promising name ;) . The variant "Dillon" is Gaelic and means either "lion" or "faithful" which also makes it a great name for a dog.

He was bred by Heike Müller who is not only an experienced and dedicated and loving breeder but also does marvellous photos of her animals. Her website is great fun to look at:

Collies Of Locksley Castle

Dylan's pictures from the first 10 weeks were taken from her site (thanks, Heike!).

Dylan is free of CEA, KAT and PRA. He is either MDR +/+ or MDR +/- (we don't know yet).

Dylan - six days old
Pictures from the first to tenth week (as I wrote, all from Heike Müllers homepage).

22/11/09 - last walk with the family at Luckaitztal
Last walk with his collie family in Luckaitztal on Sunday, november 22, 2009.

23/11/09 - dog tired
He moved to our place on november 22, 2009.

25/12/09 - Feeed meee
25th to 27th of December 2009 - vineyard games

White stuff
28th of December 2009 - it starts snowing again ...

Winter still
Winter games

Mikey & Hannah
Mikey & Dylan

Bodensee 2010
Bodensee 2010

Deer park 2010
Deer park June 2010

Bodensee 2010
Vineyard, 04th of June 2010


Dylan's weight curve. I've written a little program in Labview which lets me collect and edit data, display it and export pictures to my web server. I can even give a prognosis.
For example, he will weigh about 120 kg on the 21st of december 2012. What was it the Mayans were expecting for that day? Earthquakes? Yeah, I know why :)

Collies in play - Mikey (7 month) and Dylan (3 month)