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One sunday afternoon I had run out of ATMega88s. But I needed one. Urgently. Not because of any special features but just because of its foot print: 28 Pins, PDIP. What to do?

I forged one. Using an ATtiny2313. Not quite pin compatible ...

Two pin rows with 14 pins each for the ATMega footprint. For the ATtiny2313 I took a IC socket with extra long legs which were bent so that they fitted between the pins for the Mega. Look at the picture :)

The rest was evil solder work, connecting pins with uniformly white wires ... to make it more difficult. Reminded me of the Laokoön group :)

I made sure that I didn't connect pins by name but by function, rather (e.g. MOSI to MOSI, MISO to MISO etc.).


What I intended to do with the ATMega didn't work in the end. But not because of my forgery, that was just great :)