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Project "USBiXBEE":

Small PCB for use with the USB Chip FT232 by FTDI and an XBEE module by Digi, formerly known as Maxstream.

Features are:
  • USB connector
  • socket for the XBEE module
  • place for a voltage regulator
  • control LED for showing the "busy" state

This is the fully equipped version for use as a
Wireless Serial Port via a PC's USB port:



USB driven Programmer Module for a PIC project I am doing:



Adapter module for XBEEs (2mm -> 2.54mm), very handy for experimenting:



Wireless serial connection for a microprocessor. This was done for the ELEKTOR- CC2- ATM18 project. As with examples above only part of the PCB was used: Just the voltage regulation (for connecting the 3V3 XBEE to the 5V project board) and some resistors.



Connecting a serial GPS module, using the 3V3 power from the USBiXBEE. With the project above it would also be easy to connect the module to the ELEKTOR - CC2 - ATM18 project.



A USB-IR-Transceiver for the ASURO robot, connecting to the 20 pin DIL socket. For this project the pcb is patched for 5V supply voltage.
A nice summary about the Asuro is to be found here (German language only).

[I2C Tester]


Again connecting to the 20 pin DIL socket, this is an I2C tester called I2C Sniffer (in German).

[I2C Sniffer]


The empty PCB. Small bug somewhere (I forgot a connection). There's a version 2 of course :) . Still one of the more intelligent things I've made :)



The Eagle layout. Files on request ...